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«Leznykivsky Quarry» – is one of the largest enterprises of Ukraine specializing in mining and processing of building stone.

Usage History

The main activity of the enterprise is the extraction of building stone from its own deposit and its further processing.

We invite you to cooperate - the manufacture of granite products from the Leznykivsky deposit:

slabs, curbs, slabs, wall stone, paving stones, etc.

We also accept orders for sawing granite blocks from other deposits.

years of enterprise development
thousand tons per year of crushed stone products produced
regular customers


Block stone of categories A, B, C, D

They are used as a material for further processing and production of slabs or details of architectural forms - tiles, curbs, paving stones, etc.


Rubble stone

Today, crushed stone is quite often used in construction and finishing works, perfectly combining the best characteristics of strength and aesthetic appearance.


Paving stones

Paving stones - is a road construction material in the form of blocks that have a shape close to a parallelepiped. It is used for road works: paving paths, platforms and sidewalks. It is made of strong rocks: granite, dolomite, basalt, etc.


Granite slabs and products

Leznykivsky Quarry can produce facing granite slabs of any size, thickness and configuration.Of regular or irregular geometric shapes and with various finishes (polished, polished, ground, sawn, heat-treated, as well as punched)


Crushed stone mixtures and screenings



Granite crushed stone of the Leznykivsky deposit belongs to the 1st class, that is, the product is suitable for all types of construction work without exception, in particular residential construction, which is confirmed by relevant certificates and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, special studies laboratories


Concrete block - fence

the finished product is a reinforced concrete block with one face of a stone-lined buta, with all the properties of this material, namely: resistance to atmospheric influences, strength, durability


Gabions with rubble stones

Currently, gabions are widely used in urban and landscape architecture and design, both for their intended purpose and as elements in the form of fences and enclosures, arranging stone facades of buildings and structures, as well as the use of gabions in interior design and homestead territories.


Decorative paving grids

Decorative paving grids modern material for covering sidewalks, streets, parking lots, approaches to buildings

The Leznykivsky Quarry will take part in the most anticipated exhibition Marmomac, Verona Italy

The Leznykivsky Quarry will take part in the most anticipated exhibition Marmomac, Verona Italy

Our stand: Hall 4-5, Stand G1 Leznykivsky Quarry LLCMarmomac is the world’s most important exhibition dedicated to the entire stone…

The company constantly purchases on a tender basis

The company constantly purchases on a tender basis: Diesel fuel from 7t. month;Diamond wire diam.11.4 mm from 100 p.m. month;Drill bits…


We have been working in the mining industry market for more than 100 years, so we bear full responsibility for this process. Believe that our company produces products that are absolutely safe for the environment. We conduct annual certification of our products for compliance with radiation and sanitary standards.

Undoubtedly, you will never regret cooperation with our company. The professional team of our employees is always ready to lend a helping hand and provide you with the best products.